Up Front (The Pub)

An original and old-school Pub where you will be met by fun and friendly staff. With a mixture of classic styling and fantastic modern artwork we welcome you to have a drink at the bar, chat to the staff or gaze out the window watching the world go by.

Feeling Cosy (The Fireplace)

Warm, old-fashioned and intimate, located in the heart of the pub.

Loosen Up (The Library)

A great space where you can see everything going on. Feel the vibe and overlook the bar whilst having your own exclusive area. It can be privately hired for groups up to 30.

The Hidden Snug (Dining/Lounge)

A stunning lounge and dining room, mixing traditional British styling with a modern twist. Beautiful sofas, comfortable seating combined with a beautiful decor and relaxed ambience. This room can be exclusively booked for groups with a minimum size of 24 people. You can liaise with our Executive Chef or Events Manager to discuss Menu options to enhance your dining/party experience.

Stylin' in the Sunshine (The Deck)

The talk of the town. Our newly decorated deck with designer furniture and our stunning Wall Mural. We will let the photos do the talking… Hang out with friends or hire for parties with group sizes up to 50.

Outside/Inside (The Tent)

We know that our weather can be unpredictable to say the least. To cover all eventualities we have a large canopy with heaters that can easily cover 100 people. Warm in the Winter, cool in Summer, you have the best of both worlds. Great for large gatherings and wedding parties!